La Rivera

La Rivera

Project name- LA RIVERA
Design team: Ar. Bhumi, Ar. Jaimin, Id Saloni
Execution team: Ar. Nikit, Id Umang
Support team:- Id Dhruv
Photographer:- Prachi Khasgiwala

This 3bhk bungalow is placed on the outer Navsari. The lavish residence in India became a dream task for the client; approached to craft a home with a soothing narrative that is high on capability. Inspired by means of the customer’s deep love for wood, simplicity, and art, a comfy domestic with curated paintings and potted veggies changed into the design. Throughout the complete domestic same shade of timber has been mixed and matched with other elements and colors. This domestic changed into conceptualized to be minimal design with the use of an impartial color palette in a contemporary putting. The concept turned to offer an evergreen yet current layout with the usage of smooth simple traces and smart area planning. The main shade scheme follows an impartial gray & white palette infused with an adequate quantity of natural wood and pastel sunglasses in highlights.


  • Date: November , 2021
  • Client: Deepak Chorawala
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Navsari