Kohinoor Office

Kohinoor Office

Project Name:- Kohinoor House

Design team:-Ar. Bhumi, Ar. Jaimin, Ar. Vihar

Drafting team:- Id. Dhruv

Execution team:- Id. Pawan

Photographer:- @noaidwin_sttudio

Area:- 1500 sq.ft

The interior design of this workspace meets the demand of transparency yet privacy in the office interior. All spaces are designed at the fringe of the functional space to allow daylight to flow throughout office areas.


Insight into the reception area:

With the grace of Ganesha, the area has been designed with LED strip lights flowing around the rounded corners of meeting rooms, outlining a circulation path that includes plenty of private areas, a key consideration for the center’s elderly clientele. We aspired to create a cozy inviting space featuring natural materials, pale wood, and glass, The emphasis is on a cleanness, that corresponds with the graphic elements.

Insight into the passage area:

Sitting at the same desk all day does not promote productivity, health, wellbeing, or collaboration. By creating closed meeting rooms and individual booths near the working areas, staff was provided with more options as to where they can do their work, both individually and collectively.

Insight into the Sales cabin:

A human-centric method for both coloration and lights allows for stepped-forward productiveness and well-being of the employees. Interestingly used light fixtures augment the lively and dramatic aura of the painting’s region, underlining a completely modern technique.

Insight into the HOD cabin:

Cabins adjacent are all designed preserving in thought the complementary color scheme of the space. The tender orange color with the impartial tone comes collectively to make certain most view and transparency, making it appropriate surroundings to work.

Insight into the cabin:

Nowadays, people love to adopt this design as it brings in an ambiance of relaxation, and a cheery interactive atmosphere among the employees, which increases the efficiency of their work.


  • Date: Jan,2022
  • Client:
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Sagrampura, Surat